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This week marks the beginning of a new period at thatBridge. We introduce to you the first unique information product created by thatBridge; the EU Directory.  The Directory was conceived by Editor-in-Chief Stefan Mihailovic to foster a better understanding of the EU, which is one of our missions, and through a better understanding of the EU, we hope to also improve democratic responsiveness of EU institutions.

The EU Directory is unique on the web as it is the only place where one can find this information assembled in one location. What is the Directory? Firstly, it provides an institutional description of the 28 states the European Union, and includes two key European nations that are not in the EU; Norway and Switzerland. The Directory offers a general description of the form of government of each EU member state, along with a description of the basic division of powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

Students, non-governmental organizations and even politicians will find it a useful tool for comparing political systems, and finding accurate information about parties and ruling coalition, information that we have found is surprisingly difficult to find in some cases .

The directory further includes: 1) a description of the ruling coalition and of all parties in every national parliament; 2) names and functions of ministers, the prime minister, and if applicable, the president or monarch 3) a description of the mandates of executive positions 4) a description of the basic functioning and organisation of the judiciary, 5) the number of seats each EU state has in the EU Parliament as well as the political party/coalition affiliation of each seat

Take a look at the Directory and give us any feedback and advice about what else you would like to see.

In addition to the Directory, thatBridge continues providing contextual coverage of key issues shaping Europe, as well as importation news stories around the world that are of interest to European readers. We view thatBridge’s mission as helping European citizens gain a better understanding of the EU and events on the Continent, and helping non-Europeans understand what is happening in Europe. We would love to hear from you. Much more is planned and much more is coming.